What Our Clients Are Saying…

JASe Project

"For the applicants of the 2012-2013 school year, Fairfax County Public Schools automated the application process for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). Prior to this initiative, the TJHSST application process was almost completely paper-based; applications, payments, communications, and notifications were all manual. Thanks to Insystech’s dedicated team for their impressive analysis, design and development work in taking such a complex manual application process and deploying it on the web. Our applicants and all the staff involved with the admission process had a very pleasant experience with the online application process."

Tanisha S. Holland
TJHSST Admissions Director

Fairfax County Public Schools Athletic and Academic Fee Project Team

"The FCPS Athletic and Academic Fee Project Team is recognized as a high-performing team and, as an integral member of that team, it is a great pleasure to commend you for your exceptional contributions to the team's success."

Maribeth Luftglass
Assistant Superintendent and CIO

Incident Tracking System (ITS)

"The Incident Tracking System is very simple and easy to use. Our teachers and staff input the incidents, when they occur. Eighty percent of our staff are able to input an incident in a minute."

David Graham
Assistant Principal
Marshall Middle School

Education Decision Support Library (EDSL) Verified Credit Reports for NCLB, Alleghany County Public Schools

"These are great reports and are exactly what we need. Thanks so much. Our superintendent was very impressed with the reports I presented today. Thanks for all your help. mj"

Mary Jane Mutispaugh
Supervisor of Instruction
Alleghany County Public Schools

Crystal Enterprice Administration, Fauquier County Government

"Your Crystal Enterprise administrator staff did a very good job in answering our questions and in providing us ideas on how to setup security, reports administration standards, etc. I also thank you very much for making the staff available so quickly and working within our schedule."

Donna Cason
Infrastructure Fauquier County Government

Virginia 2005 Triennial Census Survey - eduCensus

"County Gov is happy with the final census numbers, and I thank you for the final data disk. The census work in my opinion was a real success."

Harvey Goodwin
Technology Director
Montgomery County Public Schools

EDSL ASP, Multiple School Districts

"Your data warehouse analysts/developers are excellent in processing our data and providing support to our team. This has helped me, help our school district decision makers make the right decisions."

Joe Coleman
EDSL Project Coordinator
Salem City Public Schools

On-Call Support, DBIG

"I am very happy to inform you that your senior applications administrator did a great job for our client. He was called to trouble-shoot performance problems in the LAN, WAN Infrastructure. He successfully identified the problems with the Linux servers, disk caching, and usage of RAID, and resolved the issues within two days. He was able to increase the performance of the servers by 18%."

Johanna Bertman
Database Intelligence Group, Inc. (DBIG)