Comprehensive Teacher and Principal Evaluation + Collaborative Assets Development, Sharing and Usage

TEAMS (The Evaluations & Assets Management System) is an innovative, cloud based, teacher, principal evaluation and instructional content repository with a robust, flexible framework to include various evaluation models and all types of instructional resources and test items.

School districts can standardize and automate the teacher and principal evaluation (TPE) process using the EVALS-HUB. The system includes both Professional Practice and Student Growth components. District administrators can get a bird’s eye view of the current status of the evaluations process throughout the district and available dashboards; Principals can schedule observations and manage the process for their school, conduct observations using their mobile devices, gather and upload artifacts; teachers can create SLOs, including selecting student cohorts, specifying metrics, and view their current score at any time. This system is a great benefit to any school district that wants 100% buy-in from teachers and principals in completing TPE efficiently.

Curriculum specialists, teachers, and others can author resources and align them to national core standards. A formal approval/vetting process is built-in to allow content to be reviewed and published for teachers to offer differentiated instruction, parents to help students to learn at home and for students to learn anytime, from anywhere. TEAMS is centered around collaboration; teachers and administrators can select appropriate curriculum resources dynamically while parents can track and review their child’s performance and receive resources relevant to their child’s curriculum.

TEAMS consists of several hubs that can be implemented as stand-alone modules or as the fully integrated system to support instructional management in schools. Current set of TEAMS hubs are::

  • Evals Hub
  • Asset Hub
  • Reports Hub
  • Search Hub

The TEAMS system is not only easy to use, but is also easy to integrate with a school’s existing data warehouse, portal, or test player. It is easily accessible using any browser or mobile device for the convenience of the users. All TEAM Member School Districts will have the opportunity to both contribute and consume content from the repository.

Contact our TEAMS product management team for more information.