Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Many organizations experience the pain of having stovepipe, island systems sitting all-over their enterprise. These stovepipe applications tend to be unique, non-standard applications that inhibit data sharing within the enterprise. Centralization of data into a common, centralized data repository is vital to increasing organizational efficiency, identification and resolution of problems and significantly improves visibility and usage of data throughout the enterprise.

Insystech strongly believes that centralized systems provide significant advantages to organizations. Data quality is improved dramatically and, data entry effort is significantly reduced – to name just a few.

We have helped several entities plan and execute enterprise application integration (EAI) projects utilizing industry best practice techniques. Our staff has experience in utilizing specialized EAI products such as WebMethods to develop and maintain real time and asynchronous integration between systems.

As an Informatica Partner we have developed the expertise to gather and process data from any source system, identify the common thread of information from disparate sources (establishing the golden record of truth) and publishing data for target systems to consume.

Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) is a standard being propagated in the education industry to enable education software vendors to store and distribute data in standard formats for usage by other applications. We are working on further propagating SIF, providing school districts the ability to integrate all of their applications utilizing the SIF standards.

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