The Best School Safety Mobile App

Insystech is partnering with Norhurst Tactical to market its School Safety Vision mobile app white labelled as SHELTR Vision.

SHELTR (School Hazards Emergency Lethal Threat Response) Vision is an emergency response mobile app that allows trained teachers and staff to immediately alert others within the school, and communicate with local emergency response agencies, during a crisis or threat.

SHELTR Vision also gives schools the opportunity to monitor, maintain, and refine their crisis handling protocols. A comprehensive web-based Command and Control Center (CCC) dashboard gives designated school administrators and emergency response agencies the ability to monitor the scene is real time and take appropriate action.

Some key features of SHELTR Vision include:

  • Secure web-based management portal
  • Custom crisis alerts and notifications
  • GPS tracking and geolocation features
  • Command and Control Center (CCC) dashboard
  • Training mode for SHELTR safety drills

School Safety Vision is a copyright © and trademark™ of Insystech, Inc. SHELTR is a trademark™ of Norhurst Tactical.

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