P-20 State Longitudinal Data Systems

P-20 State Longitudinal Data Systems

P-20 SLDS allows State Policymakers, K-12, Higher Education and Workforce participants to integrate and expand student longitudinal data systems to generate and analyze data seamlessly, that before would cross multiple agencies. Well architected P-20 SLDS systems can answer several Policy Questions, such as,

  • "How much do our college graduates earn and how long does it take for them to find full-time work?
  • What is their debt burden while in college and upon graduation?"

And are built using open architecture and sustainable processes that will provide the flexibility for the State Agencies to not only manage the systems for the long run, but, also increase usage of the system across the multiple agencies and at the Local Education Agency (School Districts) level.

Current Project

Insystech is currently providing Services to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) to develop the P-20 SLDS for the State of West Virginia. Our team, consisting of highly experienced Educators, Administrators, Architects, Managers and Data Warehouse Professionals are following industry best practices and working closely with the participating West Virginia agencies to:

  • Gather the set of Critical Policy Questions
  • Gather and process multiple years of data
  • Design and develop the data warehouse, data marts
  • Design and develop the reports, dashboards to answer the critical policy questions
  • Train the users and system administrators
  • Support deployment of the system

Please contact us for more information on how we can serve your state in developing your P-20SLDS.