K-12 Systems Integration

K-12 Systems Integration

SIF Readiness Assessment

The Insystech team is an active participant in SIF organization and is aware of the current developments and future plans of the SIF. We analyze the clients' technical infrastructure; existing operational systems and the organizations' process, climate and inform the client if they are ready for the SIF inegration project.

Integration Plan:

We develop a detailed integration plan that the client can use to get buy in from the School Board and other district administrators. This includes a detailed planning and evaluation document that provides comparisons of at least 3 vendors that provide the software, servers and services necessary for the client to complete the integration effort successfully.


We develop an implementation plan for the integration effort and provide data analysis, systems integration, systems testing and deployment services to ensure that the system integration effort progresses smoothly. We work closely with the clients' team to transfer knowledge and provide training for staff self sufficiency in the long term management and support of the integrated system.

On-Going Support:

We provide full technical support to ensure that the system works as designed and the client is able to harness the fruit of the integration effort.

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