EDSL – Education Decision Support Library is an award winning enterprise decision support system designed and developed by Fairfax County Public Schools, the largest school district in Virginia and 13th largest in the Nation. Insystech is a partner in this effort with FCPS. EDSL is a one-stop-shop, fully web-based data warehouse that provides easy access to all information that helps schools succeed. It includes information for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reporting, school improvement planning, teacher training, program evaluation, and other aspects of effectively managing school districts. More than 200,00 students are benefiting from their educators making data driven decisions through EDSL.

EDSL is a division-wide, web-based data warehouse that provides easy access to and analysis for the following data:

  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reporting
  • Student achievement and accountability
  • School demographics and improvement planning
  • Standardized tests results analysis
  • Student discipline
  • Teacher qualification
  • ...And more!

In addition to working closely with FCPS in developing and maintaining EDSL, Insystech also procured a contract to implement EDSL for other School Districts. Insystech successfully hosted and serviced EDSL in its EDSLxa (EDSL extra analytics) version for several School Districts in Virginia between 2003 and 2007. As part of this effort, Insystech team collected data, processed them and published reports. And trained Educators in how to interpret the data and make data driven decisions. All participating districts saw significant improvements in their Student’s performance, because cleansed, high quality data to make program decisions were available quickly.

Contact our education data warehouse team to get more information on how we can implement EDSL at your School District or develop a custom data warehouse solution.